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Photovoltaics (PV) either on the roof your home or at a commercial installation or at large utility scale installations are found to routinely underperform. A recent study by kWh Analytics has found that PV parks produce about 8% less than expected. This is due to inefficient operations. Missing clues and trends that reduce the performance. iQ3Solar wants to change this. The iQ3Solar platform powered by AI/ML algorithms along with the dedicated and patented degradation sensors is a game changer for PV system operators. It offers the operators early detection, unsupervised monitoring and decision recommendations for the PV park, minimizing human error. Data from existing equipment, satellites, and proprietary sensors are taken through a series of proprietary, AI-ML algorithms so that the health and performance of PV assets, as well as insights on how to optimize PV parks is presented to the operators and the owners.


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iQ3Solar provides the tools based on proprietary sensor and AI/ML algorithms to give PV system operators insight and decision making for maximizing their profits. We can provide it through our platform or integrate the tools through existing platforms using APIs.

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